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New Hires
To make benefit elections for the first time, please access Dayforce to get started.
Company name: CCP

Enrollment Instructions

1. Select Employee with WFM or Employee with WFM Clock -- whichever is designated for you. Click Next.

2. Click Menu.

3. Click Benefits.


4. Click Start Enrollment in the New Hire Enrollment row.


5. Click Next.


6. Add beneficiaries and dependents.


7. Begin enrollment and confirm elections.

Click here to download instructions with step-by-step screenshots!

Existing Employees
Unless you have a qualified change in status, you cannot make a change in the benefits you elect until the next open enrollment period. Qualified changes in status include: 
Birth or Adoption
Legal Separation
Click Here for Full List

You have 30 days after a qualifying event to log into Dayforce and request a change to your benefit elections.

What Do I Need To Enroll?*

  1. Log into Dayforce. Company name: CCP

  2. Navigate to Forms

  3. Navigate to Benefits

  4. Navigate to Life Event Declaration

*Existing Employees Only

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